The inner pigdog. Hä?!

Der Marz (March) started with a discouragingly dreary, rainy day.  Motivation to keep up with regular visits to the gym is dwindling, along with the chocolate stash in the Speisekammer (pantry).  What perfect timing then, to learn this totally unübersetzbar (untranslatable) German term: Der Innere Schweinehund. A direct translation would be “the inner pigdog“.  The more metaphorical translation would be something like, “the weaker self“.  The Schweinehund is the voice in your head that says it’s too cold to go to the gym, you’re too comfy on the couch to do yoga, and who cares if you finish the whole box of Kinder by yourself (oder?).

I looked for some visual representation of the Schweinehund to hang on the wall (or the inside of the Speisekammer (pantry)), but most of what I found was either way too cute to be imposing or WAY too creepy to look at every day:


There’s some debate as to whether the creature should be more dog than pig, or more pig than dog:


Either way, the Schweinehund seems to be a well-known figure with myriad interpretations. I guess I have to imagine for myself what my own Innere Schweinehund looks like.  I’ll think it over on my way to my Fitnesskurs (gym class)
A comic from Nadja Clauberg helps to understand “der innere Schweinehund”
Till Laßmann has a much more aggressive relationship with his innere Schweinehund (who, I think is wearing Lederhosen, oder?)

See the full version of Herr Laßmann’s comic here

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