The inner pigdog. Hä?!

Motivation to keep up with regular visits to the gym is dwindling, along with the chocolate stash in the Speisekammer (pantry).

An der Kasse

As you may have guessed, I have some anxiety around the supermarket checkout.


Don’t go looking for something specific; be excited for what you might find.

Who’s March Is This?

  The origins of the Women’s March could be heralded as an event unique to our times.   It started with similar ideas in the minds of strangers, dropped into the ocean of the internet, creating ripples that turned into waves that brought together the right people in the right places to pull together what may…

RMV comes in Handy

You can access prior tickets to quickly buy a ticket for the same route, you can create favorite stations and favorite routes for quick searching, you can even personalize your search settings for details on the distance and time by foot or bike to and from the stations.

More IIMORI, bitte!

Need an afternoon sugar rush but want a break from the masses on the Zeil? Duck into this heimelig café for a quick treat and you might find yourself wishing you could stay forever.

Where should I start? Somewhere in the middle.

You might be wondering by now if I’d shaved my head and taken a vow of silence; been kidnapped by Filipino pirates; or simply snuck back to California and not told anyone (like I did last time).